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Spitfire e-Roadster

Presenting the opportunity to own and proudly enjoy an exclusive, and professionally transformed Triumph GT6 Coupé, or Spitfire e-Roadster, which captures the carefree lifestyle of the era while providing a thrilling driving experience along the way. We meticulously re-engineer original classics into truly contemporary and reliable Electric Vehicles (EVs). Our engineers and restoration artisans collaborate via our unique EV transformation methodology to seamlessly integrate our patent-pending Modular EV Architecture into each original classic. We source only authentic vehicles, these are not kits or replicars, these are original British sports cars.

Retro-EV is now accepting orders for a Limited Edition Series of these legends. Contact us today.


Starting at €100,000*

Spitfire e-Roadster

Starting at €90,000*

Physical Dimensions

Wheelbase2,128 mm (83.8 in)
Length – Width3,785 mm (149.0 in) – 1,486 mm (58.5 in)
Height – Weight1,193 mm (47.0 in) – 1,050 kg (2,314 lb)

EV Drivetrain

Power110 kW (145 hp)
Torque290 Nm (215 lb-ft)
GearboxHeavy-duty, fixed ratio, hypoid planetary.

Energy Storage

19 kWh onboard capacity based on our patent-pending PowerPod© intelligent battery system with future-proof modular design, enabling power component upgrades as battery technologies advance.

Range + Recharging

  • Range ~125 Km dependent upon driving style & conditions
  • Supports flexible recharging for ultimate convenience
Fast DC (CHAdeMO)Charge in ~ 25 min
Convenience AC (230v)Charge in ~ 6 hrs

Telemetry + Communications

On-board Secure Telemetry CPU with dedicated GPS, GSM, WiFi & Bluetooth for remote diagnostics, feature upgrades, security and software updates anywhere.


Accepting Orders now for 2019 – 20 Production We supply complete Turn-Key vehicles, as well as providing EV Transformation Services for your existing classics.

Note: all information is preliminary and subject to change