Offering “The Best of Both Worlds”; classic cars fully restored and enhanced with modern all-electric drive-trains, which is the mission of a new Finnish venture, Retro-EV. Today, in Helsinki, Retro-EV announced that it has acquired Estonian EV technology firm E-Drive Retro in order to productize and market the industry-leading proprietary EV Architecture that E-Drive Retro has been engineering since 2015. Michael M. Richardson, Founder & CEO of Retro-EV explained, “We have chosen to establish this new venture in Finland because of the Talent pool here, with deep EV engineering expertise, as well as the artistry of Nordic Aesthetic design and the meticulous craftsmanship available here.”

The combined organization will re-brand under the new name Retro-EV ( ) and begin Pursuing a progressive new European & Scandinavian marketing program to introduce this proprietary EV technology initially through the Restoration and EV Transformation of the iconic classic cars of the 1950’s – 70’s.

Richardson continues, “The European luxury lifestyle market is Rapidly developing an appetite for a new class of electric vehicles That are not only zero-emission sustainable but alsó timelessly stylish and exclusive to own and drive. This constitutes a completely new way to upcycle and enjoy Authentic vintage cars now, and for the next generation. Combining the Pleasure of driving real classics with the reliability and near zero maintenance of modern cars represents real value to our customers.

These iconic cars also feature a new investment opportunity. Because these are the first classics in which we replace the most problematic and polluting of the original drive-train technologies (with powered by fossil-fueled internal combustion engines), with truly cutting-edge Battery Electric Vehicle drive systems. We are effectively future-proof these classics, because our new modular EV technology is also fully upgrade-able post sale .As a result, we believe that these vehicles will maintain, or even appreciate in value over time, as they are based on actual classics that remain very true to form and more sought after, while our Deeply-Integrated EV technology has been carefully engineered for routine upgrading as Advances in batteries, Chargers and other EV components evolve at the fast pace of modern EV developments.

Harry & Meghan (Duke and Duchess of Sussex) made a memorably stylish exit in their vintage Jaguar e-Type roadster, driven by sustainable electricity in place of the 50 yr. old petrol drivetrain. This royal stamp of approval, on the new collectible EV market, clearly highlights a new era of opportunity in the luxury vehicle market. Retro-EV will be providing the finest quality classic cars, which they meticulously transformed with their proprietary EV technology, to stylish eco-conscious clients globally.

Ville Eskelinen, Retro-EV’s CTO emphasized, “An important engineering priority for Retro-EV will be to further refine and formally protect the electric vehicle IP that has been created over the past 3 years and productize these innovations for clients worldwide.” Retro- EV intends to file an initial round of patent applications within the quarter.

Retro-EV has already started recruiting strategic partners in the Classic Restoration, Sales and Service community across Europe. Further specific partnership Announcements are forthcoming as this program is implemented post-acquisition. Finally, Retro-EV began accepting orders immediately for their first turnkey product line, their MGA-EV Roadster Limited Edition Series.

Finally, Retro-EV will be displaying their iconic EV at the world-famous Le Mans Classic on July 6-8, 2018 and welcome event attendees to come to see these remarkable electric classics at the Circuit Bugatti Virage du Musée throughout the Le Mans Classic weekend.




We are a team of entrepreneurs who love to dream, build and inspire Automotive artwork. We are passionate about the beauty expressed through Timeless Automotive designs, and fueled by the emotions that these iconic masterpieces evoke. We are obsessed with engineering Excellence in everything we do. We also respect the planet and seek to innovate the future of e-mobility.

We created this company to help prevent the world’s automotive heritage from slowly disappearing, and to engage a vast new audience with these iconic Automotive designs. We do this by fusing true classics with modern technology so they can be savored by the eyes and exeperinced through the Senses. This disruptive approach respects our precious global environment, while preserving the true, classic driving experience for generations to come.

Truly the Best of Both World’s:

Combining the best elements of the authentic classics with the best elements of contemporary EVs, without compromising either, that is our delivery promise!

Michael M. Richardson
Founder & CEO