12-Jun-2018, Helsinki, Finland:

Retro-EV, OY announced today that it has begun to execute on its new strategic marketing plan by creating a Multi-City European Launch Tour in 2018. In close collaboration with several new market partners, the firm will conduct appearances with two examples of their timeless electrified classics in the following cities, on the dates listed below:

  • Brussels, Belgium 27-June-2018

This invitation-only event will be hosted at Garage Paul Soret, a Belgian firm specializing in the hand-crafted restoration of high-end British classics. Participating will also be Europe’s most successful classic restoration parts supplier, Anglo Parts, with its headquarters located near Brussels. Guests will be able to view Retro-EV’s classics in the setting of a noted restoration facility, including the possibility of some test-driving.

  • Paris, France 01-July-2018

This exclusive event will take place at the chic Matignon-Paris Bistro/Club adjacent to les Champs Elysee. Retro-EV will position their cars in front of the open bistro and engage with guests for an up-close look at these beautiful electrified classics, including ample selfie-opportunities and Q&A with the firm.

  • Le Mans, France 06 through 08-July 2018

The world-famous Le Mans Classic is the ideal setting for Retro-EV to share their automotive magic with the vintage and modern enthusiast community. New market Partners, Garage Hotel (based in Valauris, France) serve as host to this Retro-EV showing. Their stand will be located inside the track, on Le Virage du Musee.

In additional, another innovative startup, InnovaBox (based in Paris, France) will host one of Retro-EV’s timeless zero-emission classics inside one of their custom “collector car habitats” near the Garage Hotel stand, providing Le Mans Classic guests to view and learn about these amazing electric vehicles in shaded comfort, near the track.

  • Cannes, France 11-July-2018
    The star of Le Cote d’Azur, Cannes, sets a perfect stage for Retro-EV to display their ‘bijou electric classics’ in true Riviera style, with an invitation-only event at a prestigious location where guests will enjoy these beautiful cars in a suitably glamourous setting.

“We are very pleased to be able to welcome guests and press from across Europe, and indeed the World, to join us at one or more of these wonderful venues.” Stated Michael M. Richardson, CEO & Founder of Retro-EV. “Each location on this, our first European Tour, represents a special hub of automotive enthusiasm and deep history. We start in Brussels, a key center for EU policy and environmental action. The on to Paris, the very heart of fashion and timeless style. To the track at Le Mans, so rich in automotive tradition, innovation and challenge. Then finishing the tour in the glamour and joi de vivre of the French Riviera – what a grand tour this will be!”

Retro-EV aims to expand awareness and exposure of its emerging brand, as well as continue to build cache around its proprietary Electric Vehicle Architecture during each stop on this tour.

The Co-Founder and CEO of Garage Hotel, Marc Mevel, shares his energy when he says “As a group of passionate automotive enthusiasts, we at Garage Hotel are very pleased to partner with Retro-EV in this bold new domain of electrified classics. We believe that beautiful cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed on the road, as well as the track. We look forward to collaborating with Retro-EV in their quest to transform these icons into zero-emission classics for sustainable ownership, while preserving the adrenaline of true driving pleasure that flows from getting behind the wheel of a vintage sports car!”

From an industry perspective, Marc van de Vijver, Owner of Anglo Parts observes, “We first heard of Retro-EV through one of our fine restoration customers, Grips Garage of Finland. Initially we were skeptical of the concept, but after seeing their amazing vehicles in-person, and also the speed at which this new industry of classic electrification is taking off, we realize that this is a whole new way for the restoration industry to attract and serve an even larger base of end-customers. Now people will have the choice of vintage petrol drive, or, Retro-EV’s superb new level of electric vehicle transformation. They do a remarkable job of integrating vintage and modern technologies to yield truly beautiful results, which are also highly functional – it’s a new class of products and we are pleased to play a key role in the restoration supply chain to build them.”




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We created this company to help prevent the world’s automotive heritage from slowly disappearing, and to engage a vast new audience with these iconic automotive designs. We do this by fusing true classics with modern technology so they can be savored by the eyes and experienced through the senses. This disruptive approach respects our precious global environment, while preserving the true, classic driving experience for generations to come.

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Combining the best elements of the authentic classics with the best elements of contemporary EVs, without compromising either, that is our delivery promise!

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