Based on phenomenal responses in Brussels, Paris and Le Mans Classic during the initial stages of its European Launch Tour in June and July, Retro-EV, OY announced today that it is adding additional noteworthy European cities to the roster for August, September and October.

The next appearance will take place in the very heart of Stockholm, during the Annual Stockholm Culture Festival August 14-17, 2018. The festival annually offers +600 programs and had 750,000 guests in 2017. This marks the continuation of a fruitful relationship with E.ON Energy and the growing visibility of Retro-EV as a brand in the Scandinavian market.

“Stockholm is such a wonderful city, we are very pleased to be back and able to welcome visitors and press at this year’s Stockholm Culture Festival to come see us in the E.ON Energy pavilion in Norrbro to witness first-hand The Best Of Both Worlds, iconic classics transformed into future-proof, zero-emission electrics.” Michael M. Richardson, CEO & Founder of Retro-EV, continues. “The spontaneous and genuinely enthusiastic responses we have been receiving at every stage of our 2018 European Launch Tour so far, from every age and demographic, have encouraged us to expand the scope of the tour through the rest of the European summer.”

Retro-EV aims to expand awareness and exposure of its emerging brand, as well as continue to build cache around its proprietary Electric Vehicle Architecture, as exemplified in the two iconic classic electric vehicles which Retro-EV has proudly presented during each stop on this 2018 European Launch Tour. Additional cities will be announced in the weeks ahead – complete with a special not to be missed prestige event in early October.



We are a team of entrepreneurs who love to dream, build and inspire automotive artwork. We are passionate about the beauty expressed through Timeless Automotive designs, and fueled by the emotions that these iconic masterpieces evoke. We are obsessed with engineering Excellence in everything we do. We also respect the planet and seek to innovate the future of e-mobility.

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