Team Retro-EV is proud to announce that we are now a Partner with The MG Car Club (the original club for MG Owners, formed in 1930) and we will jointly display our remarkable 1959 MGA e-Roadster, the first in our Limited Edition Series based on this beloved and iconic platform, at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show November 9-11, 2018. Billed as “The World’s Biggest Gathering of Classic Car Clubs”, the annual event is held at the famous National Exhibition Center (NEC) in Birmingham, England.

Come join us in the MG Car Club’s Stand number: 3-370. Retro-EV will present our immaculate 1959 MGA e-Roadster, as featured by the MGCC in the April 2018 issue of Safety Fast magazine .

As it turns out, there will also be another 1959 MGA ‘Reveal’ at this year’s NEC. The second MGA of note is none other than Mike Brewer’s own ’59, which has been the subject of a widely publicized restoration in the UK over the past year. Of course, we all recognize Mike Brewer from the famous TV series, Wheeler Dealers. At this year’s NEC, Mike will meet-up with his prized ’59 for the first time, with much fanfare in store no doubt. The Retro-EV Team hopes to have the opportunity to share our own vision for the ideal ’59 with Mike Brewer in-person at the MGCC stand during this year’s NEC show – imagine what his reactions might be to our all-electric, zero-emission, fully independent suspension “e-Roadster” rendition of the iconic 1959 MGA?!

“We couldn’t be more pleased than to have the rare honor of being invited by the original MG Car Club to display our magnificent 1959 MGA e-Roadster on their stand, in the heart of the NEC Classic Motor Show!” Michael M. Richardson, Retro-EV Founder & CEO continues “The direct historical connections between the MGCC and the original MG Founders, factory and brand traditions are a humbling reminder to us that we are surrounded by automotive legends and precious works of automotive art, especially at gatherings such as the NEC.

Our vision has always been the respectful transformation of these vintage icons into zero-emission, timeless e-Classics that can be driven daily, and enjoyed for decades, thanks to our patent-pending Modular Electric Vehicle (EV) Architecture. The fact that the MGCC has recognized the value of our vision, and applauded our engineering focus is a sincere complement which we deeply appreciate.”

Retro-EV invites everyone to come visit the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, at the NEC in Birmingham, Friday November 9th through Sunday the 11th to experience for yourself what the fusion of authentic classics with cutting-edge EV technology can look like!

We are a team of entrepreneurs who love to dream, build and inspire automotive artwork. We are passionate about the beauty expressed through Timeless Automotive designs, and fueled by the emotions that these iconic masterpieces evoke. We are obsessed with engineering Excellence in everything we do. We also respect the planet and seek to innovate the future of e-mobility.

Truly the Best of Both Worlds:
Combining the best elements of the authentic classics with the best elements of contemporary EVs, without compromising either, that is our delivery promise!
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About The MG Car Club
The MG Car Club is the original club for MG owners, based in the heart of MG country, Abingdon in Oxfordshire. We are a not for profit organisation, with nine full time staff, and a worldwide membership of 50,000 enthusiasts. We welcome every type of MG, from the very first cars to the very latest. The MG Car Club was formed in 1930 by the MG factory, when in Abingdon, and has been providing top quality support for generations of MG owners ever since. Our strong factory connections mean we possess a wealth of historical material at our headquarters.
Contact: [email protected]